New Years Ride 2017

From Trialsmaster David Webster:

New Years Fun Trial 
Twenty four  riders showed up for the New Years Fun at Bunn fun Trial.  Thanks to all who rode the event and for those who just came out to watch and ride a bit on there own.    Calm 50’s weather was a nice treat for this years event, and from all the smiles, I do believe riders had some fun.
Special prizes are always given out at the Fun at Bunn event, and this year no expense was too much for the talented and the insane.   One prize left out this year was for best crash and for that I apologize to John Hendricks, who had several beautiful get-offs coming off rocks he had no business trying.   
As always, a special thank you to Jim Ellis for use of his property….Jim got back from Colorado just a few days before the event and rode to 8th place in his class.  It is sorta strange that the event was snowed out when Jim was gone and great weather when he gets back.  Most improved rider award was given to Kevin Bobal who just missed out beating Rusty Lacy…rumor has it that the whole reason he bought a new bike and is practicing 3 times a week is to take a win over the wiley veteran Mr. Lacy.  Maddie Hoover took the top spot with the most points for the day, and people who watched her ride said she went looking for every gate she could find, and only put her foot down a couple times the whole day!…well done Maddie.  Rick Schill is fully recovered from hand surgery and is ready for battle again.
The father-son team Tony and Matt Powers shared a bike around the short course, with son Matt taking the win over his father…I never saw who walked the course and who rode the bike!   Gary Heyer won the sportsman class, just edging out his fellow neighbor on the coast Darren Reed, who had not ridden in awhile, but looked ready to take on the advanced riders.  Special mention has to go to Berndie Lunsford, who was very consistant and took 8th place overall.  New to our sport was Frank Wolf and Al Jones…both survived the day and want to come back for more.   We hope to see them and all of you next year!
 Maddie Hoover            283 
Gary Hoover                 218
Joe Palrang                   192
Steve Billman               184
Greg Hales                   173
Gary Heyer                  165
Darren Reed                 161
Berndie Lunsford          147
Dan Fahey                    146
Rusty Lacy                   133
Kevin Bobal                 132
Stuart Bishop                128
Rick Schill                    121
Jim Ellis                        115
John Hendricks             113
Scott Porter                   108
Matt powers                  84
Tony Powers                  62
Frank Wolf                     43
Al Jones                         38