Lawrenceville, VA March 26, 2017

Copied from Facebook:

The 2017 CVOTC series opener at Lawrenceville, Va. brought great weather, great traction, a great layout and a great turnout of riders.
Thanks to our 10 new friends who drove down to escape the PA winter, we had 36 riders to test their skills on the 8 sections that Mark Barnette and Gary Heyer had laid out via long distance commuting on Phil Simpsons land. Thanks guys.
The sections were a combination of creeks, hillsides, logs and ledges, with varying degrees of difficulty.
The novice lines proved to be a challenge for their riders. After the first loop, they decided to practice and play instead of competing.
In the sportsman class, the PA boys ran away from the locals and scored better in 4 loops than we could do in 3 as our time ran out. Next time, maybe you northerners should consider the advanced class. Please.
Maddie Hoover put on a show in the expert class, as usual.
Here are the results.

Travis Neel
Allen Jones
Bill Kleeman
Dallas Stephenson


1 Mike Pool 3
2 Jared Stough 30
3 Michael Friesen 48
4 Scott Porter 54
5 Mark Simpson 63
6 Tiara Glasby 78
Jim Carey dnf
Kevin Hobbs dnf

1 Justin Johnson 12
2 Ray Donet 14
3 Ethan Goetz 17
4 Jim Hergenroeder 39
5 Tom Ashton 40 3 Loops
6 David Lawson 48. " 
7 Rusty Lacy 60 "
8 Jim Ellis 66. "
9 John Hendricks 69. "
10 Brian Merritt 84. "
Stuart Bishop dnf

1 Steve Billman 40
2 Mark Barnette 45
3 Joe Palrang 49
4 Alan Hensley 66

1 Maddie Hoover 38
2 Jeff Hensley 47
3 Garry Hoover 67

Pointless ( exhibition)
Ed Beehler
Bob O Sullivan
Rick Schill
Jim Merrill
John Pacheco
Gary Heyer