Skipwith VA, May 21, 2017

From the President, Rusty Lacy:

21 riders tackled the creek, hillsides and gullies of the O'Sullivan farm out side of Chase City, Va.

Conditions were a bit slippery as there was some rain during the night before. The weather on Sunday was nearly perfect for trials with overcast skies and temps in the 60s. Bob O and his helpers attempted to ease things up to allow for the conditions, but in some sections and classes we didn't do enough....sorry guys.

There were 8 sections and 4 loops...sections 1,2,4&6 were in and out of creeks. # 5 was a log jam. Section 3 was a downhill gully and 7&8 were up and down along a hillside. In some sections conditions improve during the day. In others, they did not.

With the Hoovers in Texas this weekend, we only had 2 expert riders. There were 6 advanced, 6 sportsman, 5 intermediate, no novice and 2 pointless....i.e. exhibition riders, with Bob O'Sullivan as the roving trials master.

At the riders meeting the club presented Bob O with donations collected to help him with expenses in fighting a major health issue as well as a special super hero card...we all wish you the best, Bob O.

All in all, it was a successful,event with higher than average difficulty due to the night before rain. Most people seemed to have a good time.

Thanks to the O'Sullivan family for the use of your great property and to Bob O and helpers for a great layout....and to Mom O for a great Saturday night dinner.



1 Jeff Hensley 57

2 David Webster 72


1 Joe Palrang 49

2 Edward Romney 74 1 clean

3 Alan Hensley 74 0 cleans

Tommy Francis DNF

Greg Hales DNF

Mark Barnette exhibition assistant trials master


1 Daryn Brent Reid 25

2 Gary Heyer 53

3 Rusty Lacy 62 7 cleans

4 David Lawson 62 5 cleans

5 John Hendricks Sr 81

Berndie Lunsford DNS bike wouldn't start


1 Kevin Hobbs 20

2 Michael Friesen 36

3 Jim Carey 37

4 Dallas Stephenson 103


Ed Beehler

Alan Jones