Axton VA, July 9, 2017

From Rusty Lacy:


A warm but low humidity day greeted 34 riders to the first Axton trials of the year. A late pm shower on Saturday put a little moisture in the ground for Sunday, but traction was still pretty good in most sections.

8 sections with 4 loops consisted of 6 rock sections and 2 gully/hillsides. The expert and the novice riders decided, however, that 3 loops were enough. The expert and advanced riders were able to find a couple of holes that allowed them a few easy time.

The difficulty level turned out to be moderate, with more points being taken than desirable for a summertime time.

Section 1 was a little slippery at first for the Sportsman riders . They actually had almost the toughest line after the experts and advanved found the hole.

Section 5 proved to be a little slippery with some moisture being tracked up on a few rocks.

Maddie Hoover was the top expert with her dad/ minder, Garry, riding a mountain bike around the loop complaining the whole time about the uphills. Suck it up, Garry.

Florida boy, Tim Cone, bested the advanced class, but was riding as exhibition so he didn't take home the first place trophies, just 25 cent ribbons.

Here are the results.


1 Frank Wolff 11

2 Will Salter 34

3 Sammy Romney 65
1 Michael Friesen 36

2 Kevin Hobbs 38

3 Scott Porter 46

4 Jim Carey 75

5 Dallas Stevenson 77

6 Danny Brumley 105

1 Gary Heyer 30

2 Tom Ashton 37

3 David Lawson 39

4 Kevin Bobal 68

5 Brian Merritt 83 2 cleans

6 John Hendricks Sr 83 1 clean

7 Jon Quell 92

Keith Bell DNF

1 Steve Billman 41

2 Joe Palrang 50

3 Alan Hensley 74

4 Edward Romney 81

Tim Cone 34 Exhibition

Thomas McKenzie DNF

1 Maddie Hoover 39

2 Jeff Hensley 43

3 David Webster 59
Ed Beehler

Gerald Mullins

John Pacheco Josh Hendricks Jim Merrill Jim Ellis Allen Jones Rick Schill