Madison Heights VA, Aug 6, 2017

From Trialsmaster Ed Beehler:

The 2017 Madison Heights trials went well.  24 riders including the humble host braved Man-humbling and Man-embarrassing rocks, as well as August temperatures to attend.  Luckily, the weather co-operated, but the rocks proved to be more stubborn.

Several riders including Gerald Mullins, Dallas Stephenson, Jon Quell, Kevin Bobal, Jim Ellis, Joe Walters, and Greg Hales came up on Saturday for a day of riding and general “BS-ing.”  

Late Saturday afternoon, Scooby, the official Madison Heights Trials Host-Wonder Dog, anticipated an evening of using his “puppy dog eyes” technique to guilt the guests, and could be seen sleeping next to of a bag of charcoal, and guarding the contents.  He was well rewarded for his diligent efforts later that night.  Scooby milked Saturday’s riders like a professional dairy farmer!  Late Sunday, he could not even move.  The same could be said for Dallas on Sunday.  Party animals in a candy store, what can you do?

Not riding on Sunday, but always there to offer his encouraging words of advice and humor, was our esteemed Grand Trials Master, Pate Keen.  Comments from the riders ranged from “the sections were perfect” to “the sections were too difficult.”  Which yet, once again, proves out the old saying “If you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself!”

The Intermediate class came to appreciate the full meaning of the humble host’s repeated saying of “Trialsmasters are gods!” including both demi-gods and benign gods.  

Several tall tales were told at the end of the event, including one rider who claimed he shook a Copperhead that attacked him, off his leg while riding and still cleaned the section.  Hmmmm…..

The loop consisted of ten sections, and all points riding classes decided that two loops were enough.


Jeremy Williamson – 23 pts



Scott Porter – 26 pts

Jim Carey – 45 pts

Dallas Stephenson – 62 pts

Joe Walters – DNF

Kevin Hines – DNF



David Lawson – 34 pts 5 cleans

Gary Heyer - 34 pts 4 cleans

Rick Schill – 35 pts EXH.

Chris Mable – 77 pts

Brain Merritt – DNF



Steve Billman – 36 pts

Joe Palrang – 50 pts

Allan Hensley – 75 pts

Greg Hales – EXH.



Jeff Hensley – 36 pts



Daryn Reid

Gerald Mullins

Kevin Bobal

Jim Ellis

Al Jones

Mark Barnette

Jon Quell


Ed Beehler (Humble Trialsmaster god)