Bunn NC, October 1, 2017

                               Rust Bucket Vintage Trial 

                                    (as witnessed by Jim Ellis)         

The circus came to Bunn on October 1st.   But instead of lumbering old elephants and toothless tigers we had a herd of old motorcycles guided by some even older riders.    At one point five beasts including three Ellis Honda Reflexes ridden by Dave Webster,  Joe Palrang and myself,  plus two other riders snaked through Igloo Rock/Shipwreck in close single file.   Dave  rode his borrowed bike over the toughest possible lines he could concoct --- with Joe trying to follow,  thus raising his score considerably.

No unicorns were spotted but we did have the esteemed presence of the 77 year old 1972 AMA National Trials Champion and Scottish Six Day Trials competitor “Hairy” Jerry Young and his 1973 Mexican built 215cc GRM Islo Trialsmaster.   Jerry started cautiously,  trying the ”B” line on his first ride in most of the sections.  But as he warmed up and his confidence in the “Germ” increased,  more and more “A” gates were challenged.   After the first 11 sections (33 rides),  Jerry parked both the old machine and himself.   Incidentally GRM stands for Grapevine Racing Motors,  named after the bike’s designer,  Bill Grapevine of Wichita, Kansas,  now deceased.

A couple of beasts stubbornly refused to cooperate,  including the Reflex of Tim Pearce and Berndie Lunsford’s red Fantic.   Berndie,  we found your white helmet and shirt on the slope leading to Section 1 ---- perhaps the beginning of an uphill push.  We can trace the creation of the Rust Bucket to Berndie’s suggestion of a Vintage Trial at the January CVOTC meeting at Rusty’s.   Great Idea!

The canary of the crowd  -  the smallest beast -  was Mike Friesen’s 123 Montesa.   Just to be different,  and to keep Webster from borrowing it and hurting himself,  I rode the red oak struts,  no-shock,  6 pounds lighter,  Honda Reflex.  I do not recommend that option even though it provided more ground clearance and a more trials oriented steering head angle.  But it will teach you to unweight.    

The Gorgeous Belle Award was shared by Joe Walters’ “Rothmans” Honda Reflex and Rick Schill’s immaculate Mick Andrews Replica Ossa.   Joe rode the sections on Saturday since he couldn’t stay long on Sunday.  I rode with him on the red oak machine and subsequently widened several corners in Spring Hillside and Lumpy’s Burgers and Fries.  

Bob Rushnov,  a long-time co-conspirator who helped me design the sections of numerous previous club events appeared Sunday as a spectator.  What a pleasure to see Bob again!

Gary, “the smiling groom”,  Heyer brought his brand new “bride”,  a lovely Spanish 348 Cota Montesa.    They were hitched a day earlier in Pennsylvania.  But the honeymoon didn’t go as planned,  the Montesa acting up near the conclusion of the event.  Will Salter’s dashing and very British Triumph Cub couldn’t help sneaking a peek at the Spanish lass.

Jim Carey was so unsure of the Rust Bucket’s unorthodox format  (15 sections, triple rides, multiple riders at the same time)  that he brought two cycles:  an MAR Ossa and his old faithful Bultaco Sherpa T.  He seemed to favor the T,  perhaps to provide company and competition for Scott Porter’s Sherpa T.

Dallas Stephenson became bolder throughout the day aboard Jon Quell’s sleek white Reflex with its lower, rear-set pegs,  going for more and more “A” gates.  Danny Brumley,  proud owner of a fleet of Honda TL125s and TL250s,  piloted a 250 until he broke his clutch lever.   Brian Smith,  in just his second trial,  brought great enthusiasm with his 348 Montesa.   Jon Quell,  nursing a painful right thumb aboard his finely tuned,  light flywheel equipped,  Bill Grapevine designed hard tail,  rode with a high octane blend of patience and bravado to a most impressive low score of the day of just 9 points in 45 rides!

Many thanks to David Webster for helping ribbon 13 of the sections,  to Joe Palrang for weed eating the large area at Section 12 (Lumpy’s),  to Frank Wolff and Joe Walters for helping me test ride all the sections and to Jon Quell for helping straighten bars,  weld brake pedals,  install tanks, seats and fenders and other repairs to three Reflexes.

More thanks to Frank Wolff,  Tim Pearce,  Brian Smith,  Rick’s daughter Kaitlyn  and any others who helped photograph a crazily active but thoroughly informal vintage event.   Please share your efforts with Rick Schill who is planning to compile a DVD of the action.

 My first thought for improving the Rust Bucket would be to carry your own scorecard,  thus enabling more freedom to ride wherever.   Having only outer boundaries with several numbered “A” gates greatly simplified the designing of the sections.  Finally,  thanks for participating  ---  it made all the work worthwhile!   I say we all celebrate at Lumpy’s  with some real burgers and fries. 


 B  Class          DNS=did not start                 A  Class          NC=no card       HT=hard tail              

Will Salter, 1967 Triumph Cub    32           1  Jon Quell,  98/72 GRM Ossa HT    9

Danny Brumley, 76 TL250 Hon  DNF         2  Rick Schill,  72 Ossa MAR     17

Brian Smith, 76 Mon. Cota 348   NC          3  Jim Carey,  72 Ossa, 77 Bultaco   32

Tim Pearce, 87 Honda Reflex    DNS          4  Joe Palrang,   87 Reflex    33 * 

                                                                         4  Scott Porter,   76 Bultaco 350    33

                                                                         6  Jim Ellis,  86 Red Oak  Reflex HT    38

                                                                         Gary Heyer,  78 Mon. Cota 348    DNF

                                                                         Mike Friesen,  73 Montesa 123    NC

                                                                         Dallas Stephenson,  86 Reflex    NC

*Joe rode Webster’s extra gates                            Jerry Young,  73 GRM Islo    NC

                                                                         Dave Webster,  86  Reflex    NC                                      

                                                                          Berndie Lunsford,   Fantic    DNS