Axton VA, October 15, 2017

The weekend started for some on Friday afternoon as Rusty led Ed and Rick on a 135 mile street ride on back roads up to Kibler Valley, then up Squirrel Spur Road to the BR parkway, then back down 58 and 57 and on to Axton. Rick put in about 300 miles as he rode his bike to and from his home in NC. Iron butt.

On Saturday folks came to play and practice and hang out and about 25 stayed around for the cookout. Even the Karl Davis family drove up from Florida for the weekend.

The weather was just about perfect for our second trials in Axton, Va. It had rained earlier in the week which left a couple of sections a little slicker than desired, however. We had 8 sections and 3 loops with 30 riders sighting up for the day.

There were 2 hillside sections and 6 rock sections along the loop. Some of The rock sections proved to be harder than planned due to the moisture remaining in the soil and also the over zealous layout of the trialsmaster. Sorry about that. I will try to correct that for future events. We attempt to make trials fun, satisfying and still a bit challenging, but don’t always hit the mark. Next time.



1 Seth Stevens 8

2 Darris Smith 36

3 Sammy Romney 49

4 Juliana Davis 103


1 Kevin Hobbs 12

2 Jim Carey 27

3 Scott Porter 29

4 Joshua Hendricks 33

5 Danny Brumley 51

6 Frank Wolff 56

7 Dallas Stephenson 67


1 David Lawson 31

2 Jon Quell 38

3 John Hendricks Sr 43

4 Stuart Bishop 46

5 Brian Roach 52

6 Jim Ellis 56

7 Dan Bishop 63


1 Joe Palrang 42

2 Tom Ashton 77

3 Edward Romney 101


1 Maddie Hoover 44

2 Karl Davis 45

3 David Webster 49

4 Garry Hoover 95


Kevin Bobal

Al Jones

Gary Heyer 

Rick Schill 

Ed Beehler 

Gerald Mullins

Greg Hales